Rolling Stone knows Science Fiction almost as well as they know music and their list proves it.

This list is embarrassing.

I have seen this list from time to time and I am sort of dumbfounded every time. You will see "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" being placed ahead of TNG.

If you see where I am going with this, you will know that the list is shit.

It also includes "Thunderbirds" which no critic has ever called a "best" sci-fi show. Worse, it does so at the expense of a show like "Farscape".

On top of that, I can't take any list seriously that touts the "X-Files" as good sci-fi.

It is a show that is the epitome of network, episodic TV. While I have watched it (most of it) and there a few good episodes sprinkled over a season, the rest is a mess of mediocrity that in the end added up to a big mess of nothing. Yes, Scully & Mulder were great characters, but that doesn't change the fact the show blew it's entire myth arc in the end. The reveal of what happened to Mulder's sister was the Capone's Vault of sci-fi shows.

It's more like the top 40 science fiction shows I could remember, because too many of these are recent are not really sci-fi.

You can tell because they forgot "Deep Space 9" and "Farscape" and a few other important ones, while the current Marvel superhero shows do are all promotent. And if they are going to include new shows, and they do, then "Dark Matter" should be included, its first season was one of the most promising starts to show in quite awhile.

Rolling Stone, having no idea what they're talking.