If you love "sci-fi" alla Star Wars and the likes of Guardians then you really don't have a lot of options. While it may seem strange a lot of sci-fi in book format does not follow the same cinematic character as those movies. But there are still some great option out there that will give you something to enjoy. Outside of actually reading the Star Wars novels, and there are some goods ones. Zahn comes to mind.

For for a new series there is the obvious answer, that many consider the final answer.

Wayfarers series by Becca Chambers

Wayfarers series

"The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet", which is the first book in the series really setup the story for me. It felt like I was reading Firefly in so many ways.

While I understand that they're different - they also have what could be called the same essence in many ways.

Wayfarers does a lot to build these similarities, for one thing, the book is episodic in the sense that the story being told can be read out of context and you will not be missing much.

While there is an overarching plot it does not play a big role in how you can enjoy the series. That is because the focus is on the characters, the situations they get into, and their long interstellar journey.

I am not the only one who thinks of it as the spiritual successor to Firefly.

The second book, "A Closed and Common Orbit", is actually not what I would call a sequel. I would, for lack of a better term, described the book as a spin-off in the universe rather than a sequel. One reason is because "A Closed and Common Orbit" follows characters who were partially introduced in the first book but did not receive the attention that a main or even secondary character would.

If I had a complaint about it, I would say that it lacks in scope, the second book feels in most ways smaller, though that does not stop it from telling good stories.